HDK Associates

Consulting Engineers and Contractors providing Mechanical Engineering services with personal attention to detail. We specialize in providing creative solutions to complex engineering problems.

Established in 1993 we provide design services to a wide variety of clients throughout Northern California. We work closely with our clients to define a specific scope of services and then work diligently to complete the work on time and on budget. Quality control is an ongoing effort throughout all project phases. Coordination and communication with our clients, other consultants, and approving agencies is considered of utmost importance in the operation of HDK Associates.

Mechanical Engineering Projects
• Optical Lens Blank Casting machine design, 2C Optics – Georgia
• Copper Smelting Shaft Furnace system design, documentation and manufacturing, ASARCO – Texas
• Microscope Thermal Stage system design and manufacturing, Aclara Biosystems – Mountain View
• Tertiary Waste Treatment Process, Allied Engineers – Soledad
• Process Water Treatment Facility at Natural Selection Farms, Bracewell Engineers – San Juan Bautista
• Sewage Grinding System, Bracewell Engineers – San Mateo Jail
• Documentation of Existing Process Equipment, Western Nonwovens Inc. – Oakland
• Design/Patent/Manufacture Multi-well Rotary Synthesizer with Northwest Engineering Inc. – Licensed to Applied Biosystems

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