Mechanical Engineering

Using a “back to fundamentals” engineering approach, we provide a wide range of mechanical engineering services. A licensed Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience supervises all projects.

We have licenses and training for Solidworks, AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. We are also a Solidworks Manufacturing Network Partner.  Do you have an idea that needs physical form? We can oversee your development project from initial idea through design and prototype stages all the way to production.

  • Machine Design: We take your idea for a machine or process and give it physical form. We work closely with our clients to develop a design specification and then create a design that meets or exceeds that specification.
  • Design Documentation and Drafting: We can work from rough sketches or physical items to create engineering drawings required for manufacturing operations.
  • Bill of Materials Creation: All quality manufacturing operations start with an accurate bill of materials.
  • Manufacturing Cost Reduction: Starting with the most expensive component working down to the nuts and bolts, a product can be analyzed for reduction of its manufacturing cost.
  • Process Design and Improvement: We are often involved in projects where the end results are process dependent. Our philosophy before scaling up any process is to know how to make one item correctly and to document that process.
  • Facility and Industrial System Design: We can design your industrial process or engineer the installation of specialty equipment into your facility. We are experts in designing process piping and in the application of pumps in unusual systems.

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